Carbonised Wool

  • Superior fibre strength
  • Cleanest Carbonised Wool available
  • Bespoke Blends - we can blend to your exact specifications
    (16 micron to 32 micron)

Michell supplies carbonised wool to international markets. Specialised processing technologies, an experienced production team and a depth of knowledge of wool selection give Michell its advantage in the carbonised wool market.

All three qualities ensure Michell carbonised wool achieves outstanding levels of quality and consistency and offering outstanding fibre strength. After more than a century in the wool industry, Michell has acquired knowledge and experience that surpasses the competition. From highly trained wool buyers to extensive sourcing networks, Michell can readily access the best wool available.

Customers also benefit from the experience and capability of the Michell production and Research and Development units which continually strive to fine-tune and improve processing techniques. Flexibility and service are paramount. Michell offer an entire range of carbonised wool types, from superfine to crossbred as well as specific types of carbonised wool developed to fit clients' individual requirements.

With more than 140 years of expertise, our advanced carbonising plants in Australia and China enable us to carbonise the finest merino wool or the coarsest crossbred wool. Our product and quality is world renown for its cleanliness, strength and consistency. Michell sets the global standard in carbonised wool.

Michell supplies carbonised wool to international markets including woollen spinners producing weaving and knitting yarn, felt-makers and manufacturers of bedding products such as pillows, futons and comforters.

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