Direct Sourcing

Michell Direct Wool
  • Source wool from a particular appellation
  • Source wool of unique specification
  • Access the full story of where the wool is grown and how the animals are managed

Michell Direct Wool is the sourcing arm of Michell Wool, with a network of depots and agents across Australia. Established in 2010 Michell Direct Wool now has direct buying relationships with wool growers enabling them to monitor supply and access types and specifications to suit manufacturer requirements.

These direct relationships put Michell Wool in a unique position to fulfill specific requirements that manufacturers and retail brands may require to access niche market segments.

With a global infrastructure and established supply chain logistics, Michell has the ability to honour committments to reliable supply and deliver consistent quality at world competitive pricing.

For Woolgrowers, Michell Direct gives them the opportunity to sell directly to a processor avoiding the middleman and saving significant cost on every kg they sell.

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