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Our Profile

Michell, taking wool to the world since 1870.

Michell are one of Australia's largest exporters of Australian Wool fibre and have been associated with the International wool textile industry for over 130 years.

From the Global headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, the Michell family oversee a company with manufacturing and processing facilities throughout the world, together with a network of local agents and business partners.

Michell are renown as a consistent, reliable supplier of quality wool fibre.

The Future

An exciting new era lies before Michell Pty Ltd.

Retaining its primary headquarters and processing facilities in South Australia, Michell remains the world’s largest carboniser of wool, a significant buyer, processor and exporter of Australian wool, a fibre researcher and a commercialiser of new products.

Structural and philosophical changes to the Michell wool operation throughout 2003-04 represent the most dramatic of the new directions being taken by the wool industry’s major early-stage processors. The company’s diversification is a response to the significant challenges facing the industry globally. What has emerged is a multi-platform, fast-paced operation.

Utilising an international team of expert staff, Michell is positioned to seek out and drive new opportunities, participate actively through partnerships along the entire fibre supply chain and focus on meeting the needs that matter most to customers: quality, speed, accuracy, timing, price and the development of new products.