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Our Responsibility

The Michell Commitment

Michell is committed to managing its businesses around the world in a responsible manner at all times. This extends beyond manufacturing facilities to all areas of the business.

The 5 generations of Michell have created a foundation of economic, environmental and social responsibility, designed for future generations to come. Michell continues to improve its environmental footprint through the application of the “Hierarchy of cleaner production” principles.

Key Achievements include;

Energy & Water Consumption - 2002

Michell Salisbury operations wash 5% of the Australian wool clip using water heated to 65 degrees Celsius. Michell, through the use of technology, has reduced water consumption per kilogram of wool by 40% and made clever use of waste heat. This heat, generated when washing the wool is normally dumped into atmosphere. As a result Michell has reduced the total energy of heating the water by 50%.

The Wetlands Project - 2003

Michell Salisbury can use up to 1,100 million litres of water per annum. Located in the driest state, in one of the driest countries in the world, Michell, in collaboration with Local Government, has created a world first 32-acre wetland project. The project harvests storm water from the local region. The water is filtered and cleansed in constructed reed beds on a nearby airport and then used instead of the traditional mains water supply. This operation has been so successful that opportunities exist to supply other companies.

Solid Waste - 2005

Much of the wool grease washed from the wool at Michell Salisbury is collected and sold as Lanolin. In the past the remainder of the grease dirt and suint was sent to landfill but is now sent to a composting facility. Here it is pasteurised and converted into a soil conditioner that is much in demand by the intensive horticulture industry.

Michell Suzhou – 2008 (in commissioning)

Of the total investment into Michell Suzhou, China 25% was channelled into environmental management. The facility includes a world-leading, on-site waste water treatment plant – incorporating the latest in environmental technologies including diffused air filtration and a three-phase grease separation plant.

Treated waste water from Michell Suzhou’s effluent plant is further refined at the Fenhu Economic Development Zone’s own waste water treatment facility with discharge limits below 50 C.O.D. - which sets a worlds best benchmark for other regions to work towards.

Hierarchy of production
The Hierarchy of Cleaner Production