Australian Wool Exports

Australian wool exports have long been at the heart of Michell Wool, a leader in wool manufacture who has been associated with the international wool textile industry for over 130 years.

From the Global headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, the Michell family oversee this wool
Australian Wool Exports image by Michell Woolcompany with manufacturing and processing facilities throughout the world, together with a network of local agents and business partners.

Michell Wool are renowned as a consistent, reliable supplier of quality Australian wool fibre, exporting their wool products globally.

A prominent member of the Australian wool industry, Michell Wool remains the world’s largest carboniser of wool, a significant buyer, processor and exporter of Australian wool, a fibre researcher and a commercialiser of new wool products such as Mycraloft, a luxury alternative to premium, feather-filled bedding products.

Furthermore the development of Super wash machine washable wool and tumble-dry wool products has given Michell Wool an edge that has made us a leader in this field since the early 1970s.

Behind Michell Wool’s advanced retail-based wool products sits a range of wool styles suitable for use in the manufacturing sector that ensure Michell Wool maintain their position as one of the world’s leading suppliers in both the global wool market and the Australian wool exports market.  Michell Wool’s scoured wool, carbonized wool, wool tops, kroy wool and bedding wool are known throughout the Australian Wool Exports image by Michell Woolindustry for their superior quality, backed by a world class research and development team.

Michell Wool’s processing, production and selection teams ensure that every product they deliver is backed by over a century of knowledge, experience, consistency and quality assurance, making Michell Wool leaders in Australian wool exporting.  

Further to the wide variety of products such as Australian wool tops, scoured wool and carbonized wool, Michell Wool also offer approved clients wool processing services through their unique processing plants.  They have the global network and scalability to source and process wool in accordance with their clients needs regardless of their size or location.  Michell Wool’s specialty processing facilities in China, Australia and Malaysia give customers unique wool supply opportunities; they also process wool fibre at other commodity processing facilities giving them a rounded and specialist wool product offering.

As a leader in Australian wool exports, Michell Wool has confirmed itself as a multi-platform, fast-paced operation offering significant benefits and opportunities to all its business partners on a global scale.

Michell Wool’s specialist wool products and services include;