Logistics Management

• Getting it there on time – everytime
• Complete document management systems
• Cost effective logistics

Michell pride themselves not only on the quality of the product produced
but superior customer service we provide to you the manufacturerer, on
time delivery. In the world of “Just in time” production you need a business
partner who can be relied upon to source, process and deliver exactly when
you need it.

Michell has highly experienced logistics management staff who work closely
with the wool sourcing team to monitor wool stock in to the processing
system. They are constantly updated on all orders progress through the
factory in order to apply the most efficient shipping to your facility.

After more than 140 years of shipping processed wool around the globe
Michell have strong relationships in the shipping and transport industries with
reliable and cost effective solutions to your logistics challenges. Having
processing plants in Australia and China gives our clients the flexibility and
choice to process in a location that will provide the most efficient first link in
your supply chain.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements, a Michell Wool expert will be in touch within 24 hours