Machine Washable Wool

Why Machine Washable Wool?
  • Processed to IWTO Standards
  • Whitest and cleanest wool available
  • Odourless wool
  • OKEO-TEX Standard 100

Machine washable wool has seen vast and substantial improvements over recent decades. As one of Australia's leading machine washable wool suppliers, Michell Wool have continued to remain at the forefront of these advances. As modern households have embraced time saving equipment and sought alternatives to the expense and environmental damage associated with dry cleaning – Michell Wool has responded by supplying non-shrink wool fibre which can be used to manufacture machine washable and tumble-dry products, commonly known as Superwash wool.

Being a leader in the market, Michell Wool has supplied Superwash, machine washable wool, to customers since the technology first appeared in the early 1970s. In 1997, the company commissioned its own 4 million kilogram Superwash plant based on KROY 'Deep Immersion' technology which is recognised globally as the best method for producing machine washable wool fibre. This method involves the continual immersion of wool sliver in a shrink-proofing solution, resulting in a fibre that holds supreme longevity and durability over synthetic materials, whilst retaining its shape and integrity. Most importantly however, the treated wool retains the unique softness, breathability and natural comfort found only in wool. Ultimately, clients choose Michell Wool for the peace of mind that accompanies the quality and effectiveness of their process used in creating machine washable wool. Extensive testing systems give customers confidence the fibre is evenly treated and that the final machine washable wool product will perform to expectation across a range of applications in industries such as clothing, bedding and even industrial manufacturing.

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