MycraLoft™ - the best bedding wool
  • Consistent cost effective manufacture
  • Clean white fibre
  • High loft easy care machine washable

In recent times this led to the development of Myrcaloft™, the single greatest innovation in bedding wool in decades. This proprietary technology developed by Michell has greatly improved bedding quality and manufacturing efficiencies with many benefits for our clients.

MycraLoft™ is a wool fibre specifically designed to meet the needs of the bedding industry: high-loft, easy-care, antimicrobial, easy to process, durable and clean.
Pioneered by the Michell Research and Development team, MycraLoft™ is the result of processing innovations. The proprietary process of three-dimensional combing creates a highly blended fibre matrix with greater loft properties than traditionally processed wool. Not only does the process produce a cleaner fibre, it increases its ability to trap air, providing enhanced insulation properties and the optimum sleeping environment. For retail customers, products made with MycraLoft™ offer a luxury alternative to premium, feather-filled bedding products. Bedding products made using MycraLoft™ wool are durable, machine-washable, can be tumble dried and maintain their shape and loft. MycraLoft™ is currently used by a range of bedding designers, manufacturers and retailers around the world and can also be used for jacket linings, sleeping bags and soft furnishings.

What value does MycraLoft™ add to my production processes compared to other wool products?

The fundamental feature of MycraLoft™ is its unique distribution of wool fibres at the micro level. From this, all remaining manufacturing processes become more efficient. MycraLoft™ undergoes a propriety process that is superior to the 'regular' processing of wool. This process leaves a fibre that is cleaner than scoured wool and offers a range of attributes that other bedding products can't, such as reduced odour, good even colour, superior loft, diversity of fibre and cleanliness.

From a technical perspective, wool fibres during the MycraLoft™ process have been randomised at the micro level. Given this unique blend of fibre, MycraLoft™ is an advanced product when compared to carbonised and scoured wool, as these products, even after carding, fail to achieve the evenness and distribution of fibre like MycraLoft™. When MycraLoft™ is used, the cleanliness and distribution of the fibres means cards can be sped up during processing (efficiency gain). Furthermore, due to the evenness of the fibre, thinner webs (batts) can be produced, allowing you to increase the number of layers you can put into a quilt product, which in turn improves its insulating properties.