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Specifically designed to meet the needs of the bedding industry: high-loft, easy-care, antimicrobial, easy to process, durable and clean. Mycraloft bedding wool is machine washable and able to be tumble dried.

Carbonised Wool

Michell supplies carbonised wool to international markets. Specialised processing technologies, an experienced production team and wool selection give Michell its advantage in the carbonised wool market.

Scoured Wool

Reliable scoured wool products that offer quality and performance.

Felt Wool

The cleanest carbonised wool in the world for premium felt products.

Specialty Wool Tops - Rectified Top

Using carefully selected wool, Michell offers an extensive range of wool top products including light weight sliver, open top, superwashed open top (using KROY 'Deep Emersion' technology), rectified top, bump top and bobbin top. Michell applies leading technology to produce wool top for the worsted and woollen spinning systems, short staple spinners and non-spun specialists such as sliver-knitters.

The company's world-class laboratory stringently tests and certifies the production to guarantee consistency, quality and customer satisfaction.

Machine Washable Wool

Machine washable wool has seen vast and substantial improvements over recent decades. As one of Australia's leading machine washable wool suppliers, Michell Wool have continued to remain at the forefront of these advances. Commission Wool Processing at Michell Michell offer, to approved clients the ability to process their own wool fibre through our unique processing plants on a limited basis.