Reliability and Quality

• Setting the quality standards for the wool industry
• Consistently strong Fibre
• OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Michell’s ability to innovate and develop superior wool fibre is supported by
a world class Research and Development team. Quality control systems,
advanced procedures and passionate, resourceful professionals ensure Michell
remains at the forefront of fibre innovation and quality assurance.

The Michell laboratory not only provides a valuable research and development
resource but allows Michell to test and monitor wool fibre during processing.
The result is Michell’s ability to supply clients with wool fibre of a consistent
quality. Clients can be assured that the wool fibre they order will be the wool
fibre they receive. Confidence and pride in our wool product is underscored by
the ability for clients to receive specific samples for evaluation prior to

“The wool you want, is the wool you get. Tried, true and tested.
We guarantee it.” Peter Michell, Director
Accredited by Interwoollab®, you can be assured that wool fibre from Michell
has undergone the some of the industry’s most stringent testing.

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