Scoured Wool

  • All factories and equipment company owned
  • Strong easy to use fibre
  • Processed to your specifications

An experienced wool team underpins Michell as a leading supplier of scoured wool products.

With more than 140 years in the wool industry the Michell team has an ability to identify, procure and assemble the best wools available. By drawing on its extensive wool knowledge, Michell has developed a comprehensive range of tailor-made scoured types that cater to a variety of woollen, worsted and non-woven customers.

Michell consistently delivers reliable scoured wool products that offer quality and performance.

Michell guarantee that our environmental standards exceed Australian regulations. Michell laboratory staff not only monitor the quality of the wool at all stages through the scouring process but also monitor waste water quality. This means our customers can be assured that the production of their scoured wool has had an minimal impact on the environment.

The Oeko-Tex 100 label assures consumers that Michell products have been manufactured with a lower use of chemicals compared with traditional methods, therefore reducing health risks associated.

For more information on Michell's environmental initiative go to the "Caring for the environment" page.

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