Lanolin - Wool Grease

Suppliers of high quality wool grease for lanolin production, lubricants, corrosion protection etc.
  • Low water content
  • Guaranteed country of origin
  • Long term supply contracts available

Wool grease is secreted by the sebaceous glands in sheep skin, coating the wool fibres; a naturally occurring substance from a renewable resource. Its main function is to coat and soften the wool fibres, whilst protecting the skin and fleece against exposure to the weather.

Michell extract wool grease during the scouring process and it is then refined using centrifugal separation under heat to an extremely clean and pure wool grease ready for final refinement to become lanolin and other natural products.

The processed wool grease is available for shipment in 200 litre drums. For more information regarding the purchase of wool grease. Click Here or telephone +61 8 8209 4400